League of Legends – The Best Online Game

e1677d23d9665c980eaca10b4b2a6acbWhen you want to spend some good time online, you can play online games. One of the most famous games that players play now is League of Legends, which has become indeed a legendary game. It’s not that it has millions of players, but it’s the uniqueness that the game brings that makes it so attractive.

Each game that you play will be one of a kind, with different tasks to perform and different opponents to defeat. Each players starts from a low level and each of you will have a unique set of skills and abilities to use in this game.

It’s so interesting that it’s played by more than 67 millions of people, and this should say a lot about it.

League of Legends is the best game ever made by Riot Games, and it’s dedicated to both boys and girls, as it is interactive, interesting and rich in new experiences.

However, you’ll need to know some things before getting to play League of Legends. Let’s see what these things are and how can they help you in becoming a real champion of this online game.

The Origin of the Game

Wondering how this game appeared? Well, their designers got inspiration from Warcraft III: The Frozen Throne mod, Defense of the Ancients. However, in League of Legends, each player can assume the role of a summoner, which is also how the players are called. These summoners control the characters, called champions, and they have special abilities, while also being unique among them. In the game, the champions will battle another team made or champions controlled by players, or a team controlled by the computer.

As it’s usually the case with these kinds of games, you, as a player, along with your team, will have to battle and conquer, not to mention – destroy – the “nexus” of the other team, meaning their operational base. The nexus is highly protected and you have to work as a team in order to run through their defenses and conquer their base.

The Account and the Play

It’s easy to just read out about it, but until you create an account, you won’t believe how addictive this game can be. All you have to do is choose a username and a password, and the account will be ready in just a few minutes. It’s free and easy to do and it will allow you to play endless games with players from all over the world.

For the champions, you’ll get to choose between assassins, fighters, mages, support champions and tank champions. The look of all these champions is magnificent and it will transport you instantly to a new and interesting world, letting you experience something new.

Each of these champions has different skills, and the category gives them the main ability. Apart from this, they come equipped with different weapons, and depending on how many levels you evolve throughout the game, you’ll also gain new ones for unlocking new abilities.

Master-Yi-League-of-Legends-Wallpaper-full-HD-18With names like Azir or Bard, Elise or Ahri, you get to be part of a different team in every game / match and try to conquest the Nexus of the other team. Winning is the goal and the victory means that all the players act out as a united team in order to attain their goal.

The truth is that this is extremely interesting and addictive – the number of the players says it all about this game, and once you decide on playing it, there’s definitely no turning back. You’ll be amazed by the different course of action that happens in every game, as no game is similar to another.